Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

The minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship is a minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet. The minister is responsible for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which is... Wikipedia

  • Style:  The Honourable
  • Member of:  House of Commons, Privy Council, Cabinet
  • Reports to:  Parliament, Prime Minister
  • Appointer:  Monarch (represented by the governor general), on the advice of the prime minister
  • Term length:  At Majesty's pleasure
  • Constituting instrument:  Department of Citizenship and Immigration Act
  • Precursor:  Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship, Minister of Employment and Immigration
  • Inaugural holder:  Sergio Marchi
  • Formation:  30 June 1994
  • Deputy:  Deputy Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Salary:  CA$269,800 (2019)
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  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo