Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is an American fundamentalist Christian organization founded in 1977 in Southern California by James Dobson, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It promotes social conservative views... Wikipedia

  • Motto:  Helping Families Thrive
  • Founder:  James Dobson
  • Tax ID no.:  95-3188150 (EIN)
  • Location:  8605 Explorer Dr, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920, United States
  • Key people:  Jim Daly, (president and CEO), John Fuller, (VP audio division), Paul Batura, (VP communications), Tim Goeglein, (VP external and governmental relations), Robyn Chambers, (executive director, advocacy for children)
  • Revenue:  $99,205,813 (2019 FY)
  • Volunteers:  112
  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo