Jeep is an American automobile marque, now owned by multi-national corporation Stellantis. Jeep has been part of Chrysler since 1987, when Chrysler acquired the Jeep brand, along with remaining... Wikipedia

  • Product type:  Sport utility vehicles, Luxury vehicles
  • Owner:  Stellantis
  • Produced by:  Stellantis North America
  • Country:  U.S.
  • Introduced:  1943 (trademark application), 1945 (first Jeep-branded product launched)
  • Related brands:  Willys MB
  • Markets:  Worldwide
  • Previous owners:  Willys–Overland Motors, (1945–1963), Kaiser Jeep, (1953–1970), American Motors, (1970–1987)
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  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo