Kayak.com, sometimes styled as KAYAK, is a travel agency and metasearch engine owned and operated by Booking Holdings. The company also runs travel search engines checkfelix, Mundi, Hotels Combined,... Wikipedia

  • Type of site:  Subsidiary
  • Available in:  18 languages
  • Founded:  2004
  • Area served:  Global
  • Founder(s):  Steve Hafner, Paul M. English
  • Key people:  Steve Hafner (CEO), Giorgos Zacharia (CTO)
  • Industry:  Travel, Technology
  • Products:  Travel agency, Metasearch engine
  • Revenue:  US$292.7 million (2012)
  • Parent:  Booking Holdings
  • Subsidiaries:  SWOODOO, Checkfelix, Mundi, Hotels Combined
  • Alexa rank:  678 (Nov 07, 2019)
  • Launched:  07, 2005 (Public)
  • Native client(s) on:  iOS, Android, watchOS, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger
  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo