Phrack is an e-zine written by and for hackers, first published November 17, 1985. Described by Fyodor as "the best, and by far the longest running hacker zine," the... Wikipedia

  • Editor:  The Phrack Staff
  • Former editors:  Taran King, Cheap Shades, Knight Lightning, Shooting Shark, Elric of Imrryr, Crimson Death, Dispater, Erik Bloodaxe, Voyager, daemon9/route, Phrackstaff, Circle of the Lost Hackers
  • Categories:  Hacking/computer science, phreaking, anarchy
  • Frequency:  No set frequency
  • First issue:  November 17, 1985
  • Based in:  St. Louis
  • Language:  English
  • Website:
  • ISSN:  [/ 1068-1035]
  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo