Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Inc., commonly nicknamed Tim's, or Timmie's is a Canadian multinational fast food restaurant chain. Based in Toronto, Tim Hortons serves coffee, doughnuts, and other fast food items.... Wikipedia

  • Formerly called:  Tim Horton Donuts, Tim Donuts Limited, The TDL Group
  • Type:  Subsidiary
  • Industry:  Restaurants
  • Founded:  May 17, 1964, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Founders:  Tim Horton, Jim Charade
  • Number of locations:  4,952 (August 31, 2022)
  • Key people:  Alex Behring, (Chairman of Restaurant Brands International), José Cil, (CEO of Restaurant Brands International), Axel Schwan, (President of Tim Hortons, Canada, US and Latin America)
  • Products:  Coffee, Smoothies, Tea, Donuts, Bagels, Sandwiches, Wraps, Breakfast
  • Total assets:  US$ 13.99 billion (2021)
  • Parent:  Wendy's (1995–2006), Restaurant Brands International (2014–present)
  • Website:  timhortons.com TimHortons.com
  • Data Source:  DuckDuckGo